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Who we are and what we do

We translate your requirements into memorable professionally written literary works. StoryStore is a team of talented writers intent on satisfying your requirements for high quality, custom-written literature. Learn how things work by reading the Frequently Asked Questions. Every story is created exclusively for you, to your specifications and preferences. We do not work with templates where we fill in your name, eye color and favorite flower -- everything you get is completely original. 

The Process

It’s very simple…

Start with My Stories on the main menu. Create a username for free. Specify your story details by filling out our helpful form. Decide how long you want it to be and add it to the cart. Decide if you want your story printed in an optional hand-crafted booklet, or an optional custom recorded CD. Add these to your cart too. Place your order. Answer any quesitons posed by the author. Receive your story

Through our carefully designed questionnaire, you tell our writers what you would like us to write for you. Your story can be beautifully printed in a custom handmade booklet, and you can also order an audio CD to accompany the booklet.

  1. Tell us what you want written by filling out a storyline questionairre.  HERE
  2. Be as detailed or brief as you wish.
  3. If you like, our authors will comment on your storyline providing professional hints and suggestions.
  4. Decide how long of a work you would like HERE
  5. Request options such as a handmade booklet, or a voiceover HERE.
  6. Checkout and place your order HERE
  7. Receive an email, confirming your order.
  8. Receive a draft of your story by email to review.  Send back your comments and approval by email.
  9. Receive your PDF, optional booklet and CD.
  10. Share and discuss your story with other members here at





Your story will be custom written by our talented team of writers with the characters, plot, and style you request.

Delivery Formats

Audio CD
We’ll email your story to you in PDF format. Kindle™ compatible. Beautiful Handmade Booklets to share and embellish Professional voices are available to put your story into words.
PDF Document Handmade Booklet Audio CD