Bringing YOUR Story to Life


Who we are and what we do

We write custom literature.

We translate your ideas into professionally written literary works. is a team of gifted professioinal authors intent on satisfying your desires for high quality custom literature. Learn how things work by reading the Frequently Asked Questions.

Every story, letter or literary work is created exclusively for you, to your specifications and preferences. We don't simply work with templates, filling in your name, eye color and favorite flower -- everything you get is completely original. And because everybody likes something different, we offer many genres and styles.

Want to be a Hero?

Surprise your loved one with a very special gift. A personal tale, a secret fantasy, custom written and handmade. A gorgeous gift to cherish and a true token of love.

Tongue-tied for the words?

Give us a bullet list of ideas and concepts and we'll turn it into an elegant letter or speech.  You'll be the best best man or maid of honor ever!

Be in it!

Don't just daydream about being the hero or heroine in your favorite romance novel.  Jot down some scenes and details and let us put you in your very own story, written from scratch, just for you.